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Friday, April 20, 2018

I Gladiator (lots of gold) apk + data for android

Greeting all download, sorry sbeleumnya because I rarely update the article on this website. For that I will give a game titled I Gladiator (lots of gold) apk + data for android. In this game has an adventure feature that will take us in carrying out certain missions.

You control a realistic gladiator from third person view using touch control and your mission is to kill as many other gladiators as you can within 5 minutes.

You attack from different angles based on easy to use screen gestures and controls. You can also string together combos when you swipe continuously (like in a figure-eight pattern) until you run out of stamina. Swiping down results in a kick to your opponent in the gut, knocking him down if unblocked and giving you a breather. Holding down the shield button can parry incoming attacks, while holding and swiping allows you to dodge anything that can’t be blocked.

Challenge your friends by killing dozens of enemies using different weapons of your choice and traps, combos and boosters. You have just several minutes to gain as much points as you can! Invite you friends via facebook and show them who rocks!
Read the download instructions, if not know how, please click here
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Link Download Mod APK Size : 25 MB
Link Download Data Size : 1.05 GB
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