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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Download Dream House Day for android

Popular Sim own household, where we need the room to take a different little people. Build your house repairs done in the rooms, and get them to be landscaped legitimately earned their loot for the delivery of housing for rent. To come to us may be a couple of lovers, various football stars, and even the level of world celebrities, so do not disappoint and fulfill it on a super level.

This game will instantly make users feel entertained.This game is very easy to play, because it is actually intended for children, but can be played by adults though. Dream House Days is an apartment management game, where you furnish apartments, and slowly grow your building into a place anyone would be happy to live in! You must furnish each apartment to your tenants' needs and be a good landlord, as well as making a profit.

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this game makes our brain run like sharpen our brain to be able to interact with other user. For how to download, please click here

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Link Download Mod Apk Size : 7.2 MB

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